Lakes Area Realty is a professional organization of experienced real estate brokers and owners. Together, we’ve pooled our talents to create a unique company that is highly responsive to its clients’ every need. In an industry filled with real estate mega-mergers and large corporations, it’s refreshing to see the success of locally owned and managed company. When you first meet Lakes Area Realty you’ll notice the difference. You’ll discover a company that believes in the individual spirit creating a company that has innovative marketing ideas tied to a strong sense of community. We’ve never been about being the biggest. We’re about exceptional performance with a personal connection. At Lakes Area Realty we know real estate is about people. That’s why everything we do is based on how it benefits you, our client. Yes we’re unique. Yes we’re innovative. But in the end it always comes down to delivering on our commitments and satisfying the needs of our clients. This is what we do. Thank you for choosing Lakes Area Realty. We’re different. We promise.